Geraint Thomas And His Feats In Tour De Suisse

Geraint Thomas is known to be a champion and the fact that he had a bad day in one of the events does not rule out his accomplishments or the fan following that he commands. The Tour de Suisse this year was not fruitful for him this year.

He was placed 17th overall which kept him out of the coveted top ten positions. He has been the hope of the British team, Team Sky. However, in the final stage of the Tour event saw him succumb to the cold conditions. As a result, he lost out about eleven minutes as compared to his rivals. That hurtled him out of the top ten positions. The sports director of the team stated that Thomas had a bad day in the final stage that had been shortened and was only 57 kilometers. With adverse weather the climb of Albulapass hors categories was ruled out. The race had two stages in the mountains previously when Thomas suffered due to the incessant cold.

This might have happened due to the weight loss he has achieved to improve his prowess to climb. In the time trial stage on Saturday he bounced back, having finished in the ninth position and eighth when seen overall. On Sunday, however, he could not keep up the ace. He ended the race at 91st position. He lost out about eleven minutes and came in after Jarlinson Pantano who was a stage winner. His overall position was 17th.

However, fans are forgiving for that as it is natural for riders to often have bad days as weather conditions are hard to predict and how one would react to the same. Even though he worked hard to keep off the weight for climbing, the reduced fat in his body made him vulnerable to the cold.