Team Sky Arranges A Team Building Day

Team building day with Portland National Sailing Academy (WPNSA) and British Sailing Team at the Weymouth have taught the top riders of Team Sky to learn the ropes.

The riders on that day included Geraint Thomas, the two times Olympic gold medalist and winner of Tour de France Chris Froome. The two swapped wheels to sail three times at the sail sport venue which today is getting the attention of everyone starting from sailors to windsurfers and top athletes from every sport.

The team building day for Team Sky on the WPNSA site let the elite cyclists bond as they put the facilities and catering of the 2012 Olympic Sailing venue to full use. The Principal of the team Sir David Brailsford used the time of his team to announce to all staff and the riders present in Team Sky at the Spinnakers Room that overlooks Portland Harbour. There was also a fitness training mandatory for them.

There were 80 members of Team Sky that were present at WPNSA and they were assisted by the best Olympic and Paralympic talents of Britain. Among these were Helena Lucas the Paralympic gold medalist and Director of WPNSA, Luke Patience the silver medalist and double Olympic medalist Nick Dempsey.

Sir Davis said that they organized this because this year they wished to do something in a performance environment that will also be world class. That is why they thought of team building post season.

There were three races held for the opening series just before the double style medal race in Olympic style. This lead to a very exciting finale in the afternoon with Alain Sign and Kate Mardel-Ferreria. There were people like David Rozman, Rajen Murugayan, Nathan Earle and Tim Kerrison who were at the winner’s podium.